Our work consists of making your work simple

Who we are

ESSEDI is a software design studio specialized in the ERP and MES sectors for the vertical fashion, textile, leather, food and manufacturing markets. Founded in 1983 as ESSEDI Soluzioni Informatiche, it has developed, since the 1980s, a long experience in Italy and abroad, consolidating long-lasting relationships with prestigious manufacturing companies and with the most important brands in the fashion world.

Our strength lies in the experience gained by forty years of activity in the sector, providing solutions that integrate perfectly with the customer’s needs, always keeping the concepts of simplicity and flexibility as key points.

Finding a needle in a haystack isn't difficult when every straw is computerized


Thanks to the technical expertise and passion for experimentation, the studio’s activity ranges in different areas from design to production up to consulting and commercial.

Our studio does not stop at the effective research for the product that best fits the customer’s needs, but studies the product to achieve an easy and productive realization, taking into consideration the ease of use for end users.