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Discover the advantages of the proposals created ad hoc for your company’s digital business. Our products are developed to optimize your business processes. With us you will find the know-how to be able to develop and implement your 4.0 automation project. We shape the digital transformation that best suits your business. We help you understand what digital can do for you, so that you can easily reach your goals.

We are a qualified partner for industry 4.0, with hundreds of active projects between Italy and the outside world, we are ready to accompany you on the delicate path of digital transformation. Hundreds of satisfied customers will be able to witness a return on investment in a short time.


ESSEDI’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a computerized system that has the main function of managing and controlling the production function of a company. Our MES system manages the production process of a company in an integrated and efficient manner, through direct connections to the machines (PLC / Scada), touch screen monitors, via barcode and RFId detected in the production process. This information is shared in real time with the entire company to give a complete and integrated view of the progress of orders, the physical state of the resources and materials used. Thanks to the acquisition of information on production activities (from the launch of the order to the finished product) and the use of data in real-time, the MES software supports the optimization of production processes.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP for short) is a management software that integrates all relevant business processes of a company and all business functions (such as sales, purchasing, warehouse management, finance, accounting, etc…) in a single system, which is essential to support the Management. The data is collected centrally despite coming from many parts of the company.
With the increase in popularity of ERP and the reduction of costs for ICT (Information and Communication Technology), applications have developed that help business managers to implement this methodology in business activities, such as inventory control, order tracking, customer services, finance and human resources.
We cover all business areas: from PDM data sheet to management control, from order management to production, from logistics to quality control.


From yarn was born the idea of the “right” style.
Spinning, Weaving and Dyers Finishing creating fabrics appreciated by stylists and designers from around …


Style can be considered like a history of civilization in continuous evolution.
The stylists try to create the new trends by

Laundry / Dyeing

The unique effect that the washing, dyeing and garment finishing departments is able to give to each single article is the result …


The tanning industry is the industrial sector that produces hides and skins by recovering and processing raw animal skin …

Footwear and leather goods

Style can be considered like a history of civilization in continuous evolution.
The stylists try to create the new trends by …


The Italian food industry is the leading sector of the Italian economy. It is able to offer the consumer products …

Professional studies

A simple and innovative office management and organization software that allows you to manage it on the go, to …

Scheduler and planner

The scheduling and planning system allows you to optimize the use of resources in order to maximize the level of …

Management control

The problems of cost control and measuring the profitability of products are the object of particular attention in companies …


Ease of use and customization our Quality and Non-Conformity control system is an application that allows your company …

Plant and machine maintenance

Our machinery and plant maintenance software provides the information necessary for the management and …


The ESSEDI logistics and warehouse management application or WMS is an advanced logistics software application that …