Reduced complexity and high elasticity are the attractions of our products

What is it about

Increase efficiency and reduce the risks of strategic assets with the automation of IOT and RFID resources. Become Industry 4.0 without complexity.
The management of logistics and production within the Textile, Fashion, Leather and Food companies can be significantly improved thanks to RFId and IOT technology.

Connected an RFId Tag to an object to be tracked, or connected an IOT electronics to a machine or plant, each piece can be monitored in real time, having all the location and traceability information and machine data in real time piece by piece.
Items and products can be monitored as they move through the plants allowing for quick and automatic identification without errors.

This allows you to maximize the use of production resources and plants and correctly optimize stocks of raw materials.
Essedi offers software and hardware already tested and functioning perfectly in other companies in the sector, for a quick start with the use of 4.0 technology.


Radio-frequency identification or radiofrequency identification, is a technology for the identification and/or automatic storage of information relating to objects, animals or people (automatic identifying) based on the storage capacity of data by particular electronic labels, called tags or even transponders, and on their ability to respond to remote interrogations by special fixed or portable devices, called readers.
Essedi creates with its engineers the most suitable solution for the customer; counter reader, totem, conveyer etc. specific for each sector in order to give a turnkey solution to the customer.


The IoT (Internet of Things) means putting intelligence of things.
It is becoming increasingly evident that there is no business that cannot take advantage of the smartest technologies.
The IoT consists of connected advanced analysis equipment and platforms that process the data produced.
ESSEDI specializes in the tailor-made production of IoT devices; from small sensors to more complex industrial automations.
We design and build the IOT automation that the customer asks us by following all the steps; from the study of the problem, to the design of the prototype to commissioning.
Every data in real time is stored and analyzed with extreme ease.


Discover our vertical solution that makes production and warehouses even more efficient by providing immediate and concise information on the current situation for the entire production line.