The tanning industry is the industrial sector that produces hides and skins by recovering and processing raw animal skin.
T@nny is the application solution aimed at tanneries (tanning sector) and allows the management of the entire tannery, from the purchase of raw or wet blue leather to invoicing by comparing production costs with revenues: continuous perception of company profitability by lot, customer, article, variants.
T@nny provides warehouse handling by lot, pallet and leather in order to know where the leathers are at any time and to trace the history (from the supplier to the subcontractor to the end customer) of the leathers at any time.
T@nny controls all the processing phases in production with the possibility of detecting the working times for each work phase, simulating and scheduling production launches and connecting the lots with various customer orders based on the different characteristics required.
T@nny gives the complete picture of the purchase lot with a summary of the yields and the choices made of the leathers.